Implant Direct

Dental Implant Products

Implant Direct has a 29 year history of innovation in the dental implant industry. Implant Direct's philosophy has always been to provide high quality, innovative dental implants at cost-effective prices. It started with the Core-Vent implant system in 1982, launching the concept of simplified surgical procedures and versatile prosthetic application. In 1986, the self-tapping *Screw-Vent Implant with its internal hex-thread connection was invented and considered to be the cornerstone for modern dental implant designs. Then, in 1997 came the Tapered *Screw-Vent for two-stage surgery and the Tapered *Advent for one-stage surgery, both with the same body design and dimensions allowing insertion with the same set of surgical instruments. In all, Implant Direct has developed a spectrum of seven application specific implants, all with the same body design and dimensions.

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